the knight out

An action musical by High School Junkies

Costume Design for the short film ‘The Knight Out’ by High School Junkies

A High School Junkies production, “The Knight Out” is a fresh new take on filmmaking and the meshed concepts of music video/action flick written and directed by Akash Sunethkumara.

The concept for this project was to create garments with a classic Sri Lankan silhouette merged with modern clothing.

The fighter’s garment allowed the actors to move freely while performing a fight sequence. The fighter’s represent the two sides of a chess board, black and white with moon and sun motifs to represent the dark and light sides. These moon and sun motifs were printed on the fabric of their garments and done in a way that looked worn, as if they fought in these garments regularly.

The queen character stood out with a more traditional costume featuring layered gold jewellery and an organic silhouette. This was emphasised with the use of pleating and draping.

Costume Design by Nipunika Fernando

Makeup by Dominique Croos Sedra 

Jewellery Provided by Accessory Fort