Sanni St.

Showcased at : Colombo Fashion Week 2021

This collection aims to bring traditional Sri Lankan motifs into streetwear using a modern take on the iconic Sanni face, incorporated into comfortable, versatile garments.

Fabric belts and harnesses with a leaf motif accentuate the high waist area and are reminiscent of the bands of cloth worn across the torso by kolam dancers. The cheeky Sanni smile adorning each facemask functions as a practical accessory and a reference to the age-old tradition of Sanni masks being worn during kolam dances to ward off ailments, much like wearing a facemask during a pandemic.

Garments in this collection will be made from locally crafted handloom in the bright colours of the Sanni masks brought together with ivory and chocolate brown cotton. Utilising natural textiles and coconut fixings, sustainability is woven into the very fibre of this collection. The versatile nature of these garments allows flexibility when styling, thereby increasing the ways in which the garment can be worn in its lifetime.

This collection features numerous pleats in sarong style skirts and dhoti pants along with collared shirts and cropped blouses that double as sari jackets. Large, pleated sleeves can be worn loose or pulled in with drawstrings to give the gathered silhouette of the classic Sri Lankan ‘hatte’. The strict pleats of the Kandyan Osari and the flowing gathers of a Sari are made into detachable pieces, providing a new way to add a Sri Lankan touch to any garment.

Overall, this collection aims to bring sustainable Sri Lankan design and textiles into modern fashion. As well as encouraging us to take pride in our heritage and, quite literally, wear this pride on our sleeves