Devil, or ‘Yaka’, masks are a notable symbol in Sri Lankan culture. These Yaka masks feature large teeth, wide eyes and an impressive head piece, all carved from wood and painted an array of vibrant colours.

The design of the masks exaggerate the colours and features of each demon they represent. Snakes, flames and peacock feathers are examples of decorations featured on certain masks and connote various meanings associated with the demons. Supposedly the Rakshasas were a race of beings that used to rule Sri Lanka and have been mentioned extensively in the country’s mythology.

This conceptual collaboration aimed to bring these demons to life as characters. Traditional clothing and weapons were created and used with special effects makeup to enhance the otherworldly appearance of these demons. Each character is based off one mask with their costumes reflecting the characteristics and design of their respective mask with creative liberties taken to flesh out each Rakshasa as a character.

Concept by Nipunika Fernando

Makeup and Costumes by 

Dominique Croos Sedra

Opula Fonseka

Nipunika Fernando

Photography by Anushka Perera