Best Handheld Back Massagers Review Of 2021

You may not want to trek all the way to the chiropractor’s office in the middle of a pandemic, or due to a busy schedule, you’re looking for at-home treatment. A posture pump is an ideal cervical and lumbar traction device, that is a relatively inexpensive treatment to get in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned user of posture pumps, we’ve scoured all the posture pumps available to bring you a shortlist of the top posture pumps to consider.

The features that come with these products make them undoubtedly the very best in the market. They have been positively rated by professionals since they work and give the desired results. This therapy massager comes highly recommended by sports trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists due to its effectiveness and health benefits it offers. The product is safe for self-massage and it is also very effective. HoMedics, a well-known brand name, offer this Percussion Action Massager with 2 sets of dual-pivoting nodes designed for relaxation. It offers a professional-feeling massage from the comfort of your home.

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Furthermore, its lightweight design allows you to operate it easily without straining or getting tired. The motor is powerful, as it operates at 3350 pulses per minute, which makes it suitable for deep muscle massage. It also has varied intensity levels, which you can adjust accordingly to suit your needs.

This is a vibration massager with nine selectable frequencies; you charge it via USB cable and a charge lasts for as long as ninety minutes. Don’t expect a deep-tissue massage from this small, purple model, but it can certainly do a good job relaxing you. Using the Zylllion as a handheld massager takes a little coordination and you may need a bit of time to get used to maneuvering the pillow, but it’s a terrific option. Since we’ve already given you one option for a double-headed massager, let’s give you another. The Ohuhu is bulkier and heavier than the HoMedics, which is one reason why it slips in just below the HHP-350 in our rankings. The Ohuhu is a bit underpowered at just 2800 PPM at its maximum.

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The professional-strength offers as many as 3,350 muscle-relieving and circulation-boosting pulses per minute. Take my word for it; you couldn’t be more pleased with this deep tissue back and body massager. Your muscle knots and spasms are bound to find relief with the 3,700-RPM capacity of the percussion motor. It’s a state-of-the-art percussion device equipped with three different speeds and a motor that delivers 3,200 strokes per minute.

best handheld cordless massager

Vibration therapy or percussion handheld massagers without the heat function are also very effective when it comes to delivering a deep tissue massage. With its handy, elongated handle and extra-long power cord, the VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager is a budget-friendly answer to your daily massage needs. The device includes several intensity levels and three interchangeable heads, namely acupuncture, air cushion and deep shiatsu, allowing you to target different muscle groups. You’ll also find that the double head feels just like a real masseuse’s hands and can be used for deep, percussive massage of your back, neck, shoulder, upper back, arms, legs and feet. Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager is a handheld massager that is all you need in your life right now.

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Slim and cordless with five attachments, the Renpho is very well-priced for such a powerful handheld massager. The Renpho weighs a little bit more than the PureWave, and its single-head motor is a little wider. That stated, it’s still a slim and lightweight massager that’s well-balanced. The Renpho’s short handle has a rubberized grip, and it’s easy to hold. But if you’re a tall person or have a long torso, the Renpho won’t reach the full length of your back. The PureWave is three times the price of the other massagers we tested .

  • CONTINUOUS BATTERY LIFE – Includes 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (150 min. each).
  • A small weight and powerful motor does indeed sound like a horrible, unstable, and shaky combination.
  • With a variable speed dial, it offers the possibility to adjust the intensity of the percussion or vibration to suit your preference.
  • Both have their benefits and disadvantages, but it’s up to you to decide which one suits you the best.
  • Some handheld massagers need to be plugged into an outlet in order to work while others are battery-operated.
  • This isn’t the best battery life that you’ll find, but it’s not too far off.
  • With MIGHTY BLISS, you can massage the back, legs, and arms for over an hour comfortably.
  • As you could see in our short reviews, using handheld massagers offers different advantages.
  • It has a high battery capacity and a powerful motor making it operate well.
  • Customer reviews give us a more detailed idea about the product.
  • When you are shopping for the best handheld massager on the market that are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Another feature that sets this HoMedics unit apart is its optional heat function, which delivers soothing warmth to muscles and further enhances the massage experience. This massager measures more than 17 inches long and features an ergonomic handle, making it ideal for massaging the back. Wahl’s percussion massager offers many of the same features that higher-priced massagers do, at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits Of Percussion Therapy You Get With A Percussion Massager

Sometimes your muscles can be so sore you can’t even tell which muscles hurt and which don’t. This usually happens when you’re sleep deprived or when you have vitamin D deficiency. Some people can experience this feeling when they have the flu or the cold. Most of the time, these muscle pains are produced best handheld cordless massager by the tension accumulated in your muscles. The heat therapy can make your muscles relax and relieve the tension. Whether you’re sore from sitting all day or you’re just more stressed than usual, an electric back massager can provide near-instant relief, but it can be hard to know which one to buy.

This small handheld massager provides 13 inches of reach with only one hand, and it’s light enough that using it one-handed won’t be a strain. The thick handle puts a minimizes the percussion transmitted to your hand. It won’t cause you to lose your grip on the massager while you’re trying to reach your back.

No handheld unit can perform all of the massage techniques that a human therapist has spent years perfecting. But there are many versatile units with multiple heads and variable speeds which can deliver a home massage experience far beyond what was possible just a decade ago. With a whopping 15 different heads, this pick has the most of any on our list. They all provide novel ways to address minor aches and pains so they don’t become chronic, larger issues. Like many of our other picks, it makes keeping the volume down a priority so it can be used just about anywhere minus any undue fuss.

best handheld cordless massager

To help ease the pain of looking for the right one, we’ve scoured Amazon to find the best of the best, according to the most enthusiastic reviewers. And if you’re looking for more massage tools, we’ve written about massage chairs and recliners, foot massagers , and a percussive massage device beloved by professional athletes. One of the more affordable cordless massagers you’ll find, this recovery tool from Renpho costs $40 and will last up to 140 minutes after a full charge.

The weight of the unit is only 2 lb which really categorizes this percussion massager as lightweight. On the downside, the Li-Ion battery will require some care so that its life can be prolonged. Adding smart technology into our lives proves overwhelmingly useful. This massager’s broad surface area—it’s 13 inches long and 9.5 inches wide—make it a good choice for massaging larger areas of the body, such as the entire upper or lower back. Rotating nodes that reverse direction every minute provide a thorough treatment.

We are professionals who have worked with the handheld massagers for a long time. To come up with one of the best handheld massager reviews, we planned to figure out the best ones available in the market. From doing our primary internet research to trying all of the products ourselves, we tested every one of these massagers so that we can present an official result to our readers. Finding ways to help your body unwind and recover after a long day of work, workouts, and general life obligations can do wonders for your mental health. InvoSpa is a powerful percussion massager with a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a 3-6 hour runtime. It is portable, easy to set up, and has a quiet brushless motor with six adjustable speeds.

Best of all was the large, flat disc, which could be used all over the body without discomfort. Intensity is adjusted with a dial on the underside of the handle. Its position, though, makes it too easy to accidentally change the level. It has two separate massage modes at either end of the device — one for a percussive massage and another for a gentle facial massage — a unique feature no other handheld massager has. It isn’t as sophisticated as the PureWave, but it will give you a soothing or invigorating massage for one-third the cost. With three custom speed modes, enjoy a customized deep tissue massage, while the direction control mimics the feeling of in-person massage experience.

Complete with a remote, the mat measures 12 x 57 x 24 inches and is 1.57 inches thick. It can be propped up in a sitting position or laid down horizontally, so you can choose to lay it on the floor, the couch, the bed, or your favorite chair. The mat is also attached to a plush pillow so we won’t blame you if you fall asleep—and if you do, the mat automatically shuts off after 30 minutes for safety.

Purewave are one of the leaders when it comes to making handheld massagers. With the PUREWAVE CM-05, they combine the performance of their higher end units with the affordability of an entry level option. The Renpho has a rechargeable battery that gives you around 140 minutes per charge.

best handheld cordless massager

s of irritated tissues found in the back and other areas of the body. Once the area is stimulated, blood flow will increase, and the irritated part of the body will naturally start to break apart. Using a massager to help with knots is great because it can loosen up the area even further and disperse the pain out of the body entirely. OnlyPortable offers honest, unbiased product reviews on some of the leading portable products. Our buying guides will show you which portable products are the best in quality and which ones offer the best value for your money.

There a variety of muscles in your arms, from your shoulders to your wrist. All these muscles can benefit from a regular self-massage that relieves tension and strengthens them. It is especially useful for keeping the load-bearing muscles in your forearm and upper arm healthy and limber. Even if you aren’t doing any heavy lifting, these muscles are essential for the operation of your arms during daily activities. If your pectorals get sore, stiff, or strained, it limits what directions you can move your arms and your ability to keep your shoulders straight.


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